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New Rye and a 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey

March 3rd, 2017

By Susannah Skiver Barton

This week, there’s a 10 year old Irish whiskey from The Dubliner, and Limestone Branch is launching a new rye brand.

IMG_1369(1)Minor Case Rye

Style: Straight rye whiskey
Proof: 45% ABV
Price: $50
Release: March 2017
Availability: Widely available

Need to know: A new brand from Limestone Branch, this 2 year old rye whiskey is named after Minor Case Beam, the great-grandfather of Limestone Branch cofounders Steve and Paul Beam. It’s finished in a sherry barrel.

Whisky Advocate says: Limestone Branch opened their distillery in 2011, but this rye whiskey isn’t made there. The label says it’s distilled in Indiana, so it’s safe to assume it’s made at MGP.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey 10 Year_with gift tubeThe Dubliner 10 year old Single Malt

Style: Single malt Irish whiskey
Proof: 43% ABV
Price: $50
Release: March 2017
Availability: More than 20 U.S. states

Need to know: The Dubliner brand is launching its first age-statement whiskey, which is also its first single malt.

Whisky Advocate says: The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is reviewed in our Spring 2017 Buying Guide with a score of 90. At $20, it gives great bang for your buck, and we can only hope the 10 year old single malt does the same.

4 Responses to “New Rye and a 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey”

  1. Ol' Jas says:

    Thanks for calling my attention to that bang-for-your-buck “The Dubliner” blend. I could see taking a spin on that for an easy $20 if I came across it.

    Given that this is a brand—not a distillery—is there any reason to suppose there will be any relation between that blend and this new single malt? Is the malt content of the blend even from the same distillery as the malt in this new 10-year-old?

    • Susannah Skiver Barton says:

      Great question! I just met with master distiller Darryl McNally this afternoon, and he said the single malt in the 10 year old and the malt content in the entry-level blend come from the same source. He didn’t disclose what that source was, but if you know something about Irish whiskey distilleries you can make an educated guess.

      • Ol' Jas says:

        Thanks, Susannah. Good info.

        What should our guess be based on? In lieu of any better info, I suppose the malt comes from Bushmills. ‘Cause that’s where Knappogue gets their stuff, right? I don’t know what else to go by.

        Incidentally, does that master distillery do any distilling? (I found their website, but it’s all sales, no info that I could find on whether they actually distill anything.)

        • Susannah Skiver Barton says:

          Bushmills would be a good guess, especially since Darryl McNally used to be a distiller there. He left in 2014 to join The Dubliner, which is currently sourcing whiskeys and building a distillery in (where else?) Dublin, just up the street from Teeling. So he’s not distilling at the moment, but will be once the site is up and running (their goal is by spring of 2018).

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