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The Buying Guide provides ratings of whiskies from around the world. All whiskies currently available for purchase are considered for evaluation; a special effort is placed on reviewing new products and comparing them to established ones. Because we for the most part serve a U.S. audience, we prefer to review whiskies that are available there, but will also review whiskies unique to other markets. Whiskies are chosen for tasting from among those sent to our offices for review, and from targeted categories—a particular distillery, a particular age—we find of interest.

Ratings and Prices

Ratings are to provide a relative comparison of quality with reference to both directly competing products and whiskies in general. This is important, because some products achieve greater balance, character, and complexity than others. We urge you to keep in mind that the best way to learn about whiskies is to taste them for yourself and draw your own conclusions. There is no substitute for this; we are providing a guide for you to reach this goal. Please note that because of the number of new products on the market every month, the products listed in the Buying Guide usually reflect our most positive experiences in recent tasting. However, whiskies that score in the lower ranges will also be included at the discretion of the taster if they feel there is particular significance to that product. Prices shown reflect the suggested retail price. If that is not available, we will use a representative retail price; prices in your area and at different stores will vary. (Not all whiskies reviewed are available in the U.S., but they will show an equivalent price in U.S. dollars for comparison purposes. Check the review for actual availability.)

Featured Whiskies

Each issue, we choose particular whiskies or sets of whiskies for a special focus. These may be from a single distillery, or be of a specific type, and more attention is paid to how these whiskies compare to each other. The whiskies are chosen by the reviewers and are not the result of any commercial transaction between Whisky Advocate and the producers of the chosen whiskies.


Our reviewers cover the following territories. (Reviewers are indicated by their initials at the end of the individual reviews.)

John Hansell (JH) is the publisher and editor of Whisky Advocate. He’s been writing about whisky for over 20 years. Reviewer at Large

Jeffery Lindenmuth (JL) is the executive editor of Whisky Advocate. He’s been a writer and reviewer of spirits and wine for over 15 years. Craft whiskey

Gavin D Smith (GS) is based in the Scottish Borders and works as a whisky journalist and author. He has over 20 books to his credit. Speyside, Islay, Scottish Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, and Islands (non-Islay)

Davin de Kergommeaux (DdeK) has been writing about whisky for over 15 years for various magazines and websites. Canada

Jonny McCormick (JM) resides in Scotland and has written for Whisky Advocate for nearly a decade. He regularly assesses whiskies for international competitions. Blended scotch, blended malts, grain, Irish whiskey, Japan, and world whisky

Fred Minnick (FM) Fred Minnick is a Louisville, Ky.-based journalist, author, and photographer. He has served as a judge at several spirits competitions. American whiskey

Editor’s Choice John Hansell’s favorite in this issue, regardless of price.
Value Pick John Hansell’s pick, considering both quality and price.

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