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WhiskyFest New York Seminars 2014

7:00 – 7:45

Georgie BellSalon 1
Georgie Bell
Global Ambassador | Mortlach

History and Tasting of Mortlach with Georgie Bell
Georgie Bell, Luxury Global Malts Ambassador for Mortlach at Diageo, will take guests through a tasting of Mortlach Rare Old, Mortlach 18 Year Old, and Mortlach 25 Year Old and talk about where Mortlach fits in the Scotch whisky world.


Stephanie RidgwaySalon 2
Steph Ridgway
National Brand Ambassador | Highland Park

A Tale of Two Islands…. Orkney and Goose
Come check out the Dynamic Duo of Steph Ridgway, National Brand Ambassador – Highland Park and Russell Woelfel, National Brand Ambassador – Goose Island, as they walk you through perfectly paired nips and sips of whisky and beer. One iconic distillery, one iconic brewery and more than a few laughs. What could be better than that?


David KingSalon 3
David King
President | Anchor Distilling

The Most Interesting Whisk(e)y Portfolio in the World; Challenging the Norms
A panel discussion lead by David King, president for Anchor Distilling, highlighting the most interesting whiskies from around the world. Taste eight unusual whiskies that most have never had the opportunity to experience or buy.  Members of the panel will include:

Tadashi Sakuma, Master Blender, Nikka Whisky
Alistair Walker, Regional Sales Director, BenRiach
Emerson Lamb, President, Westland Distillery
Ian Chang, Blender, Kavalan Whisky


Brian NationSalon 4
Brian Nation
Master Distiller | Midleton Distillery

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
A unique insight into the world of Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, the quintessential Irish whiskey style and its resurgence on the world whiskey stage.


7:45 – 8:30

Don LivermoreJulliard
Don Livermore
Master Blender |  J.P. Wiser’s

A Legacy of Canadian Blending
J.P. Wiser’s master blender, Don Livermore, will take you through an interactive blending seminar showcasing the art and science of blending. Be a master blender for the night and create your very own expression of J.P. Wiser’s.


Gardner DunnBroadhurst
Gardner Dunn
National Brand Ambassador | Suntory

Hibiki, The Paragon of the Art of Japanese Whisky
The Art of Japanese Whisky lives somewhere between the artisans and nature of Japan. The word “Hibiki” refers to the harmony between these two forces and the Whisky in the Hibiki line is the Paragon of Japanese Whisky. In this session, Suntory Brand Ambassador Gardner Dunn will lead you through some of the component whiskies used to create the award winning Hibiki line, including the 12 yr., 17 yr., and 21 yr. which was recently named Best Blended in the World for the 4th time at the WWA.


Johnnie MundellLyceum
Johnnie Mundell
Brand Ambassador | Morrison Bowmore Distillers

The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Imagine a world where you don’t like oysters or peaty scotch. Please join us to celebrate “The Bowmore Oyster Luge”. Johnnie Mundell will be presenting a range of Bowmore & bivalve pairings for the first time in NYC. The class will also include a preview of Bowmore Dorus Mor & Devils Cask second editions.


Bernie LubbersEdison
Bernie Lubbers
Brand Ambassador | Heaven Hill Distilleries

The Whys and Wherefores of Wheat
Heaven Hill Distilleries has produced both wheated Bourbon and straight wheat whiskey for many years.  For Fall of 2014, Heaven Hill is offering both a new age-stated 7 year old Bernheim Straight Wheat Whiskey and a new Parker’s Heritage Collection release of the original barrels of straight wheat whiskey from the very first run 13 years ago.  Join us as we drill down into what makes wheat a great whiskey base with these new releases, as well as with an exclusive tasting of Heaven Hill Select Stock, wheated Bourbon finished in Cognac barrels.


8:30 – 9:15

Gerry GrahamSalon 1
Gerry Graham
National Ambassador | Bushmills

Dave Broom
Author & Whisky Advocate contributor

Jack McGarry
Bar manager | The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

The History of Irish Whiskey
Come enjoy a journey through the history of Irish Whiskey from its earliest beginnings through its current renaissance in the 21st century. Attendees will be taken through a blind tasting of the various styles of Irish Whiskey, along with a discussion of its modern position on today’s cocktail menus and whiskey lists.


David PerkinsSalon 2
David Perkins
Proprietor | High West Distillery

Whiskey: an organoleptic journey
Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for an experiential seminar of multiple whiskey distillates to better understand TTB whiskey regulations, whiskey styles, cut points, yeast, mistakes, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.


David BlackmoreSalon 3
David Blackmore
Master Brand Ambassador | Glenmorangie Single Malt

Glenmorangie: Pioneering the Fine Art of Wood Finishing
Join Master Brand Ambassador, David Blackmore for a chance to taste the award winning wood finished Glenmorangie Extra Matured range alongside samples of the iconic wines that influence each whisky.


Rick EdwardsSalon 4
Rick Edwards
Brand Ambassador, The Glenlivet

Wood Makes the Whisky
Discover how influential towards flavor production the cask is during the maturation process.