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WhiskyFest New York Panelist Tadashi Sakuma

Tadashi-SakumaTadashi Sakuma
Whisky’s Chief Blender

Tadashi Sakuma began his career at the Yoichi Distillery shortly after joining Nikka Whisky Distilling Company in 1982.  At this distillery, Sakuma widened his knowledge of whisky production, aging, procurement of raw materials and quality control.  From 1995 to 2001, he broadened his international experience in London as the General Manager of Nikka’s European office, managing and traveling throughout Europe. In April 2012 he was appointed to Chief Blender, inheriting Nikka’s blending technique and philosophy conceived by the founder Masataka Taketsuru. Sakuma now oversees the blending and upholds the vision of all Nikka products.