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WhiskyFest New York Speaker Craig Bridger

Craig Bridger
Brand Ambassador
The Glenlivet

Craig Bridger represents The Glenlivet for New York and Boston. He took up his Ambassadorship after nearly a decade tending bar in New York City, and writing about fine spirits for many nationally recognized publications (including Men’s Health, men.style.com, Gilt MANual.com, and AskMen.com). He has logged countless hours in praise of single malts, both across the bar and across his keyboard. He is pleased to refocus his passion exclusively on the legendary dram from Josie’s Well, known the world over as The Glenlivet.Craig has visited distilleries all over the United States and the UK, absorbing the culture and craft of whisky. He possesses a connoisseur’s eye, a critic’s palate, but retains a beginner’s enthusiasm. His favorite marque of The Glenlivet is the luscious, big-hearted Nadurra, which stands apart from the rest of the range with non-chill filtered depth and cask strength muscularity. In turns an actor, teacher, published author, freelance writer and journeyman bartender, Craig brings a diverse background to his work with The Glenlivet. Sadly, he is not a Scot, but he did play one once in a professional production of Macbeth. And yeah, he wore a kilt. Craig lives in Brooklyn with his dog, Carver, and a rapidly expanding collection of single malts.