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WhiskyFest New York Speaker Rick Edwards

WhiskyFest Speaker - Bernie LubbersRick Edwards
Brand Ambassador
The Glenlivet

Rick E. Edwards feels immeasurable pride in the fact that he is able to make a living from his true passion: Scotland and Scotch Whisky. A native of Des Moines with Scottish-Norwegian heritage, Edwards spent the bulk of his youth in Minneapolis until he joined the military in 1986. After serving six years in the army as a Red Beret Paratrooper, he moved to Hollywood, and in 1996 began working in the whisky industry. Working at first as a promotional model, Edwards fell in love with the taste, history and heritage of Scotch Whisky. He eventually worked his way up to become Master of Scotch in 2003 before being appointed The Glenlivet Ambassador in 2007.

Edwards has traveled all over Scotland in his quest to learn more about Scotch Whisky, and counts sailing around the inner Hebrides and building peat fires in the rain on the Isle of Skye as some of his most treasured memories. However, he asserts that nothing compares to sharing his passion and knowledge with others, interacting with people and seeing them become enthused and excited about Scotch. “At the end of the day,” Edwards says, “That’s something tangible I can walk away with.”

Edwards’ favorite drink is The Glenlivet Archive 21-Year-Old, which he believes offers an unparalleled complexity and depth. He drinks it neat with a splash of ice cold water.