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WhiskyFest San Francisco 2014 Seminars

Seminar Schedule – WhiskyFest San Francisco 2014

7:00 – 7:45 pm

Salon 1/2
Rick Edwards
Brand Ambassador | The Glenlivet

Wood Makes the Whisky
Discover how influential towards flavor production the cask is during the maturation process.


Salon 3/4
Bernie Lubbers
Brand Ambassador | Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.

The Whys and Wherefores of Wheat
Heaven Hill Distilleries has produced both wheated Bourbon and straight wheat whiskey for many years.  For Fall of 2014, Heaven Hill is offering both a new age-stated 7 year old Bernheim Straight Wheat Whiskey and a new Parker’s Heritage Collection release of the original barrels of straight wheat whiskey from the very first run 13 years ago.  Join us as we drill down into what makes wheat a great whiskey base with these new releases, as well as with an exciting tasting of Heaven Hill Select Stock, wheated Bourbon finished in Cognac barrels.


Salon 5/6
Martin Daraz
USA Brand Ambassador | Highland Park

From Orkney to Oaxaca 
Join Highland Park Brand Ambassador Martin Daraz on a fantastic journey from the Orkney Islands to Oaxaca! This class is an exploration of liquid cultures and terroir between two unique locations. Approximately 6000 miles apart, Orkney and Oaxaca couldn’t be more different but both regions produce sweet yet smokey spirits that are absolutely delicious – single malt scotch and mezcal respectively. You will taste Highland Park expressions (including new make spirit) alongside some of the best mezcals available in the US.


Nob Hilll A/B
David Blackmore
Global Master Brand Ambassador | Glenmorangie
Jon Trainer
Brand Ambassador | Glenmorangie

The Glenmorangie Academy
Taste the award winning Glenmorangie single malt whiskies and discover the unseen extra lengths that make Glenmorangie unnecessarily well made.



7:45 – 8:30 pm

Salon 10/11
Alan Kropf
Director of Education | Anchor Distilling Company

The Most Interesting Whisk(e)y Portfolio in the World; Challenging the Norms
A panel discussion led by Alan Kropf, Director of Education for Anchor Distilling, highlighting the most interesting whiskies from around the world.  Taste eight unusual whiskies that most have never had the opportunity to experience or buy. Members of the panel will include:
++Emiko Kaji, International Sales Manager, Nikka Whisky
++Stewart Buchanan, Brand Ambassador, BenRiach Distillery
++Emerson Lamb, President, Westland Distillery
++Ian Chang, Blender, Kavalan Whisky


Salon 12/13
Kieron Elliot
Brand Ambassador | The Macallan

The Macallan Moments: a blind tasting of unusual, rare and interesting expressions of The Macallan
Join The Macallan Brand Ambassador Kieron Elliott as he takes you through a blind tasting of unusual and rare expressions of The Macallan, explains where they’ve come from and how they compare to the core range.


Salon 14/15
Iain McCallum
Master of Malts | Morrison Bowmore Distillers
Johnnie Mundell
Brand Ambassador | Morrison Bowmore Distillers

The Mighty Oak
Assuming you agree that the basis for true fraternity and civilized conversation is Single Malt Scotch Whisky, please join two sons of Beam Suntory, Iain McCallum, wizened man of science and Johnnie Mundell, large immovable object, as we discuss trees,

Big Trees, Big Mighty Oak Trees…
And while we discuss those trees and the oak casks they gift us, we will imbibe fine single malts and we will be thankful….


Nob Hill C/D
Gregor Cattanach
Senior National Master of Whisky | Diageo Single Malts
Ewan Morgan
National Master of Whisky Supervisor | Diageo Single Malts

The Blind Truth about Aging Whisky
It’s an age-old question: when it comes to spirits, does older mean better? This seminar will challenge even the most seasoned palates to answer that question. The Diageo Whisky team, will lead a blind tasting of whiskies with varying ages from Diageo’s stocks including liquid that has never been offered to the public before. The panel will ask participants for their opinions of each, before revealing the names and, more importantly, their ages. Attendees will discover what their favorite whisky was, followed by an opportunity to ask questions about each. Will the older whiskies live up to the hype? Find out if older really does mean better. The truth may surprise you.



8:30 – 9:15 pm

Salon 1/2
Kevin O’Gorman
Distiller / Master of Maturation | Midleton Distillery

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
A unique insight into the world of Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, the quintessential Irish whiskey style and its resurgence on the world whiskey stage.


Salon 3/4
Neyah White
Brand Ambassador | Suntory

Hibiki, The Paragon of the Art of Japanese Whisky
The Art of Japanese Whisky lives somewhere between the artisans and nature of Japan.  The word ‘Hibiki’ refers the harmony between these two forces and the Whisky in the Hibiki line is the Paragon of Japanese Whisky.  In this session, Suntory Brand Ambassador for the West, Neyah White, will lead you through some of the component whisky’s used to create the award winning  Hibiki line including the 12 yr., the 17 yr., and the 21 yr. which was recently named Best Blended in the World for the 4th time at the WWA.


Salon 5/6
David Perkins
Proprietor | High West Distilleries Inc.

Whiskey: an organoleptic journey
Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for an experiential seminar of multiple whiskey distillates to better understand TTB whiskey regulations, whiskey styles, cut points, yeast, mistakes, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.


Nob Hill A/B
Willie Tait
Master Distiller | Jura

Jura Brooklyn – a single malt scotch made by and for the County of Kings
It has been said that scotch isn’t cool. Or new. Or exciting. And that you can’t make a single malt scotch whisky outside of Scotland (actually, that’s a rule). But we’ve never been much for rules. We have long been intrigued by Brooklyn, another convention-defying island. In 2013, we sent our rogue of a master distiller, Mr. Willie Tait, across the Atlantic to the streets of Williamsburg, and Park Slope, and Bushwick, and every neighborhood in between. He had one objective: to craft a world-class single malt scotch, chosen by and for the people of Brooklyn. Please join master distiller Willie Tait to listen to this exceptional story, and to enjoy an educational tasting of Jura Brooklyn and some of Jura’s other award winning single malt scotch whiskies.