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WhiskyFest San Francisco Speaker Kieron Elliot

Kieron Elliott
National Brand Ambassador
The Macallan

After 21 years in the bar and spirits trade combined with 15 years as a TV and radio presenter, actor and voice over artist in blockbusters like Dreamworks’ “How to Train your Dragon 1 & 2″… Kieron has found the perfect blend of both worlds as the West Coast Brand Ambassador for The Macallan.

A native of Scotland, Kieron moved to LA six years ago and promptly shed his waterproof skin so he can’t go back. Instead, he’s putting two of his passions, drinking and talking, to good work by educating, tasting, training and sampling everyone, from the sun kissed shores of Laguna Beach to the mountains of Denver, the barren wildernesses of Alaska to the other sun kissed shores of Hawaii, on the world’s best scotch.

It’s a hard life…