Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon & More New Whisky

New year, new whisky. While there aren’t many new bottles out on shelves just yet, here are two.

Frey Ranch Estate Distillery in Nevada just debuted its straight bourbon in its home state, and will be rolling it out in California shortly. The whiskey is priced at $50.

Glenfiddich is offering a special package for its 18 year old in honor of the Lunar New Year. Priced at $90, it’s available in Travel Retail in select Asian airports.

Read on for full details.

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon

Style: Straight bourbon
Origin: Nevada
Age: Not stated
Proof: 45% ABV
Price: $50
Release: Fall 2019
Availability: NV and CA

Need to know:

Made at Frey Ranch Estate Distillery in Fallon, Nevada, this bourbon has a mashbill of 66.6% corn, 11.4% rye, 10% wheat, and 12% malted barley. Every step of the process, from growing the grain to bottling—and even including malting the barley—is done on-site.

Whisky Advocate says:

Frey Ranch calls itself a “whiskey farm,” and since it controls every aspect of production literally from planting the seed to corking the bottles, that seems like an apt moniker. Fifth-generation rancher Colby Frey and his wife, Ashley, began distilling in 2014, and are only releasing whiskeys aged at least 4 years. We plan to review Frey Ranch bourbon in an upcoming Buying Guide—stay tuned!

Glenfiddich 18 year old Lunar New Year Edition

Style: Single malt
Origin: Scotland (Speyside)
Age: 18 years old
Proof: 40% ABV
Price: $90
Release: December 2019
Availability: Travel Retail only

Need to know:

This special-edition bottling of Glenfiddich 18 year old celebrates the Lunar New Year. It was designed by artist Rlon Wang, and pays homage to Glenfiddich’s stag icon.

Whisky Advocate says:

The whisky in this bottle is regular Glenfiddich 18 year old, and its price hasn’t changed (bearing in mind it’s priced for Travel Retail). If you’re looking for a special gift for the Lunar New Year (Jan. 25), this could be just the thing—but you’ll have to hit up an airport in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, or another Asian city to find it.

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