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David Wondrich

david-wondrichDavid Wondrich

David Wondrich is a professional cocktail historian. In other words, a barfly who reads books. He also writes them– five to date, including Imbibe (2007), about the life and drinks of the legendary “Professor” Jerry Thomas, which was the first cocktail book ever to win a James Beard award, and the recent Punch: the Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl, which has spurred a generation of tipplers to dust off grandma’s punchbowl and have the neighbors in. His recreational interests include topography, topiary, dessert toppings, topless dancers, and, mostly, toping. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, around the corner from O’Connor’s bar, where he will gladly buy a drink for anyone on earth but Gary Regan.

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