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Gavin Smith

gavin-smithGavin Smith

Born in England, but with lots of Scottish blood in his veins, Gavin developed a taste for whisky at a (comparatively) early age. His first book Whisky: A Book of Words was published in 1993, and he subsequently abandoned a career in retail management (before it abandoned him) in order to write full time. He moved to Scotland in 1997 and is now the author of around 25 books, some 15 of which are devoted to whisky. These include Discovering Scotland’s Distilleries, published in 2010. Gavin has also co-authored a number of leading collaborative whisky titles, including World Whisky, Cutty Sark – The Making of a Brand, Great Whiskies, and 1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die (2012). This fall sees the publication of Gavin’s Stillhouse Stories, The Whisky Opus (with Dominic Roskrow) and Let Me Tell You About Whisky (with Neil Ridley). He also regularly undertakes writing commissions for leading international distillers and hosts tutored tastings. He is a Keeper of the Quaich and commissioning editor of www.whisky-pages.com.

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