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94 points

Powers John’s Lane 12 year old, 46%

Brooding, primal, and robust thanks to its fat, rolling, oily notes, slightly fermenting Bramley apples, oolong tea, green banana, hint of sherry, and purposeful delivery of allspice, peppercorns, and star anise. The fruit and chocolate stay one step ahead of the spices; orange, chocolate, coffee, apricot, boiled candy, marmalade on buttered toast, and barley sugar meet a finish of heavier spices, bitter chocolate, and dusty cocoa. Unmistakable, epic whiskey.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2018)

94 points

Powers John’s Lane, 46%

Wow! Could this be the greatest comeback since Rocky climbed back in the ring and showed the young upstarts who was the boss? It’s taken Irish Distillers a long time to respond to the pounding it’s taken from Cooley but it’s back in the ring with two wonderful pot still whiskeys. This is the better of the two, a whopping oily, woody package of classic pot still Irishness. The green fruits tumble over tannin and spice like frisky puppies. €55 (Currently not available in the U.S.)Editor's Choice

Reviewed by: (Fall 2011)

91 points

Powers 12 year old, 40%

After being around for about a decade, it’s nice to see this whiskey finally being sold in the U.S. Soft, sweet, and silky smooth, with creamy vanilla, caramel, toasted marshmallow, and honey-kissed tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, coconut). I get most of the barley on the front of the palate, with the grain whiskey components more on the finish. Something seems slightly missing for me to elevate this whiskey to classic status (some more pot still character, perhaps?), but it’s still a wonderful blended Irish whiskey, and so drinkable. Gather a bunch of friends and throw away the cork!

Reviewed by: (Summer 2010)

91 points

Powers Three Swallow, 43.2%

Rich dried fruits, candied peel, dried apricot, mango strips, white pepper, herbal notes, almond paste, and sweet grapefruit flesh—this has signature notes of Powers all over it. Thick and velvety, there’s warm marmalade, sugared almonds, golden barley, citrus, and green apple. It’s all quite mellow until the spices work themselves up into a bit of a frenzy. Long fruity finish, with toasted coconut and a luscious, billowing spiciness.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)