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Sullivans Cove Cask HHD430, 47.5%

Sullivans Cove whisky is matured in French oak and bottled as single cask offerings, and there is a big variation in taste. As a rule of thumb, though, anything with a number higher than 330 is worth checking out. This is a standout, moving away from the Speyside-style fruitiness of some casks toward treacle, chicory coffee, and burnt hazelnut on the nose. The taste has apricot, sweet orange, honey, cinnamon, and menthol, and the finish is soft and light. A$95

Reviewed by: (Winter 2012)

86 points

Sullivan’s Cove, Bourbon Cask HH0104, 60%

Patrick Maguire, who now heads up Hobart’s Sullivan’s Cove distillery started work with Bill Lark before taking over Sullivan’s Cove in 2003. A French-design brandy still produces a very floral, sweet, and full-flavored spirit with notes of lime blossom and wood sap. It’s a bold distillate, but there’s sufficient sweetness and fragrant spice to balance. €95

Reviewed by: (Winter 2010)

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Sullivan’s Cove Cask Strength, 60%

There are now more distilleries on the Australian island of Tasmania than there are in Ireland, Japan, or Canada, and the island is demanding to be taken seriously as a whisky territory. At the forefront of the Aussie invasion is Sullivan’s Cove, once home to some decidedly ordinary whiskies, but now kicking into gear. This needs water, but is a unique mix of fruit, nuts, and soft malt. Clean, more-ish, and unique, this is Australia raising its flag.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2011)

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Sullivans Cove Double Cask, 40%

This verdant Tasmanian whisky is the combined product of American oak and French oak port cask aging. You get waxy palm fronds, hazelnut shells, toasted spices, and celery tops laid over a groveside box wedged full of freshly-picked Florida oranges.Soft, honeyed, and gently spicy on the palate before the herbal and botanical notes overgrow it, leaving clove, pepper, and aniseed balls on the finish. Water cuts through the greenery to show lemon meringue pie with a grapefruit edge.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2014)