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91 points

Ninety Decades of Richness 20 year old, 45%

Tempting vanilla custard with swirls of orange marmalade and just-burnt toffee. Icing sugar, red cedar, and oak with pithy tannins and sizzling spices: pepper, hot cinnamon, and ginger. Then a fruitiness unfolds into crisp Granny Smith apples and chewy jujubes. Gradually, the layers peel back, revealing delicate hints of buttered popcorn, mealy marzipan, candy cane, and burley tobacco. The subtle earthiness of cooked corncobs complements sour fruits and sweet spices. Huge, complex, and beautifully balanced. (Canada only)  C$50

Reviewed by: (Spring 2015)

91 points

Highwood 25 year old Calgary Stampede Centennial, 40%

A few years ago, Alberta’s Highwood distillers purchased all the remaining stock from Potter’s whisky brokerage just over the Rocky Mountains in Kelowna. With it, Highwood skillfully created a sumptuous, limited-edition bottling that is as sweet, smooth, and creamy as French vanilla ice cream, and richer in fresh clean wood than a carpentry shop. Dried cloves and red cedar balance real maple syrup and butterscotch which, in turn, dissolve into sweet white grapefruit. (Alberta only) C$52

Reviewed by: (Spring 2013)

88 points

Thunder Bolt 100 Proof, 50%

The trend to higher-proof Canadian whisky continues. This massive gem from Highwood shows us how that benefits the whisky drinker. Toffee and spicy rye on the nose become toffee and sizzling hot pepper on the palate. While toffee lurks in the shadows, a lingering oaky base begins to assert itself. Sweetness and pepper subside as the wood emerges with a complexity not even hinted at on the nose. Enjoy it neat; love it with ginger ale. (Canada only)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

86 points

Highwood Ninety 5 year old, 45%

In June 2013, flooding washed away most of Highwood’s finished whisky. Although barrels in the warehouse went unscathed, new releases such as this one have been limited. Too bad. Initial nose tickle erupts into sweet caramel and rich black fruits. Hot pepper trickling down your throat leaves a lovely hot burn followed by waves of sweet saltwater taffy. Yes, it’s slightly salty. Weighty and mouth-coating, this whisky feels big and full in the mouth. (Alberta/British Columbia only.) C$28

Reviewed by: (Winter 2013)

83 points

Highwood Canadian Rye, 40%

Sweet candy nose and a sour rye palate. Tropical fruit and orange zest, with sweet golden sultanas, sour apricot strudel, and Jujubes on the nose follow through to the palate, where they are joined by oak caramel, vanilla, and dusty grain. Peppery spices linger throughout. Wraps up with clean grain, pepper, and sweetish fruits. (Canada only) $23 CAD

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

82 points

Potter’s Special Old, 40%

Highwood Distillers has returned from their devastating 2013 flood with better whisky than ever. A soft, sweet, fruity nose understates the power of an intensely spicy palate chock-full of sour, bitter kumquats. Subtle honey flavors abound, with delicate threads of golden burley tobacco entwined. It’s a simple dram for mixing, but with plenty of interest to satisfy those who would rather sip. Add ginger ale and ice, or drink straight up. (Canada only) C$30

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

81 points

Highwood Rye, 40%

Creamy butterscotch soothes the blazing hot spices of this archetypal Canadian mixing whisky. Fresh kiwi fruit and lime fragrances add dimension to a sweet, glowing middle, then fade on a long toffeeish finish that finally slips into slight hints of bitter grapefruit pith. A sweet, simple, and fruity session whisky that you could sip neat all evening, or over ice at a sunny poolside. A mixer, yes, and a sipper too. (Canada only) C$26

Reviewed by: (Spring 2015)

78 points

Highwood True North, 40%

A simple, straightforward session whisky. True North is rich in the classic caramel notes and searing pepper so coveted by shooters and tailgaters. Ginger and white pepper last seemingly forever. Given its undeniable drinkability, packaging in a plastic bottle is probably a good idea. You can sip this if you wish, but with ginger ale and a dash of bitters it becomes a Canadian Saturday night in a glass. A classic Canadian bottom-shelfer. (Canada only)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

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