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89 points

Century Reserve Lot 15/25, 40%

Sweet citrus fruits, floral overtones, and assertive peppery spices interlace a generous framework of silky oak tannins. Charred oak and pencil shavings hint at new oak, while the frosty crispness of dry autumn leaves confirms that at least some of this whisky has spent decades in reused barrels. Touches of almond skins and peach pits cleanse the late palate. Otherwise regal and elegant, this whisky is just a touch woody. C$30

Reviewed by: (Spring 2013)

88 points

Century Reserve 21, 40%

Taken slow and easy, this 100% corn whisky tells a story, one you have to suss out gradually. It’s big and flavorful with hints of sweet corn, cow barn, and spices, followed by peppermint, lime peel, lilacs, and oak. Then it turns fresh, creamy, and alive with invigorating pepper and just a smidgen of sweetness, blending lemon drops, vanilla, and barley sugar until the story resolves satisfyingly on your palate. (Canada only) C$40

Reviewed by: (Summer 2013)