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Box 2nd Step Collection 03, 51.3%

For those interested in transparency, the detail Box releases about each bottling is staggering; e.g. 5% of this whisky was matured in medium-toasted Hungarian virgin oak. This one is for Islay fans, showing more peat than smoke; nutty, and replete with barley notes. Approachable at cask strength: melon, bright citrus, tropical fruits, burnt orange, and plenty of pepper. We hear the first U.S. release from Box is imminent. (8,291 bottles) 743 SEK

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)

91 points

Box The Festival 2014, 53.5%

Disgorge bourbon quarter-casks after 3 years and fill them into sixteen virgin American oak 40-liter casks that have been made from air-seasoned wood, medium toasted then charred, and what do you get? Maple syrup, pecan pie nuttiness, piercing vanilla, fluffy cotton candy, and the char note of the dome of a well-fired fruitcake. The palate chews through nut brittle, butterscotch, praline, nutmeg, baked banana, and active wood spices, with the sweetness of a good bourbon. Respect. (700 bottles) 889 SEK

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

90 points

Box Dálvve, 46%

The first core bottling from Box is named after the Sami people’s word for winter. It’s around 5 years old and matured in bourbon casks, with 24% of the composition using malt kilned to 39 parts per million. Smoky peats and smoked ham in harmony with blossom honey, lemon zest, and pistachio shells. Vibrant orange and lemon notes settle to creamy toffee and Edinburgh rock, the last drops of citrus squeezing out in the finish. 479 SEK

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

90 points

Box The 2nd Step Collection 02, 51.2%

Expect six 2nd step bottlings, each showcasing different personalities of Box single malt; peating, wood, and cask size will be tweaked in pursuit of world-class quality. The twin pleasures of fruity sherry and smoke wrinkle the nostrils delightfully. An admirable balance: prudent use of peat, countered by apple, chocolate Kendal mint cake, nougat, and a fresh minerality. Resplendent in noble oloroso; think apple flapjacks, sultana, fig, maple syrup, and toffee banana, with a prickle of spice lasting into the finish. (5,000 bottles) SEK747

Reviewed by: (Winter 2016)

88 points

Box The Pioneer, 48.1%

Although around 3 years old, the maturity has been achieved by using smaller, 40-liter bourbon casks (65% unpeated/15% peated whisky), with the remainder coming from peated whisky matured in Swedish oak. This adds a depth of character to the nose, the peat meeting honeydew melon, vanilla, caramelized bananas, grist, malty notes, and crushed hazelnuts. Sweet toffee apple, citrus, flapjacks, crackling spices, and barley grains play over a swelling, creamy smokiness. Simply stunning, considering its age. 837 SEK

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

87 points

Box The Challenger, 48.2%

One part whisky from 40-liter sherry casks, using peated and unpeated batches, to three parts peated whisky aged in regular bourbon casks. Damp peat smoke, mint toffees, and a savory note on the nose, with a distinct mintiness continuing on the palate. A hot, smoky core is chaperoned with flavors of dry banana, vanilla essence, and white plums, developing a late creamy texture and a fresh minty finish. Surely, this will be approved by dentists everywhere? 837 SEK

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

85 points

Box The Early Days (Batch 002), 51.5%

Two-thirds malt smoked with Scottish peat, the remaining third is unpeated Viking malt, all filled into first-fill bourbon quarter casks, achieving 30ppm. Peat smoke, lobster pots, pine forests, smoked fish, and some zesty lemons. A beautiful, dense texture of candied peel and sweet lemons; smoke flaring briefly before dying back to a honeyed conclusion. Water picks out an almond and nougat note with lemon sherbet. If you are new to Box, this is a fantastic place to begin. (2,000 bottles) €124

Reviewed by: (Fall 2016)

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