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96 points

Chivas Regal Ultis, 40%

Captivating, enticing, and wonderfully charming, this first blended malt from Chivas Regal contains selections of five Speyside malts: Strathisla, Longmorn, Tormore, Allt-a-Bhainne, and Braeval. Red apple, cherry, raspberry fudge, peach and mango fruit salad, dusting of cinnamon, and dry heather sprigs. In essence, it’s rich and satisfying, with dark vanilla, apricot, Bourneville-covered Brazil nuts, and tangerine, smoothed over by caramel and wood spices, maltiness, and gingersnap biscuits. Quite heavenly. Editor's Choice

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

95 points

Chivas, 18 year old, 40%

An essay in balance on both the aroma and palate. Silky layers of delicate sweetness (honeyed vanilla, caramel, light toffee) permeate through clean, delicate fruit (citrus, peach, currant), and subtle, complex dried spice. Clean finish, with a hint of dark chocolate. A very versatile, very drinkable blend which suits most moods and occasions. Indeed, a benchmark blended scotch.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2008)

94 points

Chivas Regal 18 year old Ultimate Cask Collection First Fill French Oak Finish, 48%

An auld alliance renewed, this gorgeous whisky packs spicy aromas of peppercorn, star anise, and cardamom seeds, mingling with toffee squares, plum jam, dunnage earth, and dried sprigs of heather. Rich fruitcake, jellied fruit, and bramble, then spices course through the mouth: chili heat, black pepper, and raw ginger. Final phase has chocolate praline, growing milky, nutty, and soothing. Exceptional lengthy finish with reignited spices. Chivas 18 goes electric. (Travel Retail exclusive)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)

93 points

Royal Salute Stone of Destiny, 38 year old, 40%

The last new Chivas release was the 25 year old several years back. To be honest, I didn’t like it as much as Chivas 18 year old. Those extra years contributed an additional dry oak influence which I felt was a bit too dominant—especially on the finish. So you can imagine my concerns before tasting this 38 year old whisky. But this new Royal Salute has something to balance the dry oak that the 25 year old didn’t—lush, rich, sweet sherry notes. It’s quite fruity, with toffee apple, date nut cake, fig, molasses, and golden raisin up front, evolving to dried fruit, pencil shavings, tobacco, and polished leather, with subtle cinnamon and cocoa on the finish. My favorite of the entire Chivas line is the 18 year old (which I rated a 95) for its impeccable balance, but this is still a very impressive whisky!

Reviewed by: (Summer 2010)

92 points

Chivas Regal 18 year old, 40%

It rarely gets better than this. Vanilla, almond slice, toffee, pencil shavings, sweet oak, and mild wood spices on the nose. Effortlessly smooth and delicate, this warms up gradually, with malt, dark fudge, leather, raisin, and tobacco notes before the wood spices, oak, and chocolate take center stage, ending with a warm, lengthy finish. This must be master blender Colin Scott’s most preciously guarded recipe. The man’s a genius!

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

92 points

Chivas Regal XV, 40%

Marmalade, almond, and cinnamon buns, this is a grand interpretation of rich and dry fruit, with an extra layer of lush fruit from the cognac cask. It is thoroughly integrated and the cognac is respectful of the scotch. The palate is luxurious with rich, dark fruits and toffee, velvety smooth, with the cognac fruit encircling the blend, and wood spice on the finish. The perfect dram for frosty winter nights.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2018)

92 points

Chivas Regal 18 year old Ultimate Cask Collection First Fill American Oak Finish, 48%

And you thought all Chivas Regal 18 year old was the same. Luscious toffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate praline, dry grasses, hazelnut, and just a lift of lime and peppermint. The palate has fudge-like sweetness, caramel, walnut cake, murmuring spices, orange peel, and toffee banana. Water unlocks watermelon and a fruitier side to its character. The spices push hard through the finish as the toffee flavors relinquish their grip.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)

90 points

Royal Salute 21 year old, 40%

Not exactly a new whisky for the Jubilee, just a new pack, but it’s a good enough excuse to have a look at this top-end blend. Great maturity with masses of orchard fruits and a hint of passion fruit as well. The oak is rounded and supple while with water a banana note is released. Thick and chewy, with more grip than suggested on the nose and a little nut on the finish. Great blending.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2012)

89 points

Chivas Regal Mizunara Cask, 40%

This whisky is slowly making its way around the world, but it was worth the wait, as master blender Colin Scott’s use of mizunara oak makes for an impressively different nose from Chivas Regal 12 year old. Pecans, sandalwood, coriander seed, honeycomb, peanuts, and rich oak aromas herald a warming dram with fabulously developed orange zest and vanilla toffee flavors, before a more assertive finish of dark toffee and tenacious spices.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2018)

88 points

Chivas Regal 25 year old, 40%

A polished nose of red apple, cinnamon, caramels, and salted almonds makes for an enticing prospect on this showpiece dram. The taste exemplifies smoothness. The indulgent palate comprises dark cooked fruits, coffee, malty cocoa, sticky toffee pudding, fudge, and a fine line of orange. Roll it around the mouth: the integrated aged grains enable these select malts to achieve their full flavor potential. An exceptionally long finish has remnants of that toffee pudding and a well-sucked aniseed ball. Treat yourself.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

87 points

Chivas, 25 year old, 40%

Chivas's new entry into the premium blend category. A complex whisky (on the nose and palate) in the same vein as Chivas 18, only deeper, with more caramelized sweetness, darker fruit, and greater emphasis on dried spices and roasted nuts (and perhaps even tobacco). Everything moves along nicely -- and entertainingly -- until the whisky approaches the finish on the palate. Its age begins to show, as spicy oak dryness and suggestions of polished leather begin to dominate through to the finish. An enjoyable whisky, but I prefer the 18 year old to the 25 year old for its impeccable balance.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2008)

86 points

Chivas Regal The Chivas Brothers’ Blend 12 year old, 40%

Intended to recreate the spirit of James and John Chivas, this blend uses high proportions of Longmorn and Strathisla malts. The nose has green apples, peaches in syrup, blended honey, and oat flapjacks. A soft and light opener of orange sherbet, melon, and dried apple. Dilution yields a delicious creamy texture with more assertive citrus flavors and bitter peel showing by the end. A distinctive character from the regular 12 year old, but this should be regarded as an equal. £40

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

86 points

Chivas Regal 12 year old, 40%

The assured Scotch whisky that became one of the classic blends. Dry and sweet, with a nose of vanilla sponge, fresh cut flowers, and marzipan over a malty base. Pleasingly oily, with flavors of burning butter, malty toffee, and cake mix, with gentle spices and hints of chocolate appearing the longer you hold off swallowing. The glossy mouthfeel makes this feel like an everyday luxury. A finish of spent spices, cocoa, hazelnut, and a waft of smoke brings it home.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

85 points

Chivas Regal Extra, 40%,

A new oloroso-forward Chivas positioned to split between the 12 and 18 year olds? I got this. Refined and inviting nose of lemon pith, black fruits, and Kola Kubes. The velvety texture is wonderfully smooth, redolent of an apricot custard Danish, lime zest, raisin, currant, mixed peel, and walnut, with a growing bitter-lemon note. Quite unique finish, like sucking on lumpy Spanish lemons speckled with spices. (LA, NY, Miami, Chicago, Northern California, but will go national)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

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