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89 points

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, 46%

A lovely balance of oak, clove, and sweetness come together on the nose, while the flavor shows both big impact and refinement. Oak-driven in style, with plenty of tannins and tobacco leaf, but the sweetness and structure stand up, pouring flavors of pecan, caramelized nuts, and toasted spices, with hints of pine before the persistent finish. A very solid and nicely polished bourbon.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2018)

84 points

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey, 46%

Hot nose, plenty of rye spice — it is 100% rye — mint, bay leaf, sweet clove. Quite a kick, but there's good flavor behind it; more spice, oak, and a firm sweetness. The finish is quite quick, just some dry rye in the back of the mouth, and gone. Better-behaved than most Hudson whiskeys I've had; hardly mellow, but enjoyable. Price per 375 ml.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2011)

81 points

Hudson Maple Cask Rye, 46%

Rye whiskey aged in casks used to age maple syrup. As penetrating an aroma as maple is, it’s very subtle here. The nose is rye whiskey—spicy, oily, bitter/minty—with just the barest hint of maple. The maple peeps up mid-palate for a sweet turn and lingers into the finish. I need to be convinced of the attraction; the maple and rye jar a bit when jammed together. And the price—$82 for 750 ml—seems crazy. Price is per 375 ml.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2014)

74 points

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey, 46%

Nose is sweet corn, with some mintiness to it, and some herbal notes; hot, but not off-putting. Tastes are not as sweet as expected. A bit flat, though the sweet corn does come through toward the end. Again, though, this one is quite hot, which is not surprising; the Hudson Baby Bourbons — which this is the foundation for — have struck me as hot also. Price is per 375 ml.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2011)