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Sherry & Scotch: Past, Present, and Future

by Dave Broom

The brig was almost there, in the lee of the island of Inchcolm, making its final tack before heading into the port of Leith. Aboard her were 100 tuns of wine. Quite why the English naval vessel Sakyer apprehended her on this morning in 1548 we’ll never know, but among the goods requisitioned—and which ended up in the cellars of Sir Andrew Dudley—was “a pype of seck,the wine we know better as sherry. It’s the first record of what would be a long love affair between Scotland and Jerez, one which would result in a symbiotic relationship between whisky and sherry. It is a tale of Ireland as well, of émigrés and innovations, of rises and falls in fortune, and one which continues to this day.


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