Archive: Amaro

Slow and Low

Reminiscent of the Cuba Libra, this aperitif-style rye whiskey cocktail delivers earthiness and coconut notes.

Vecchio Amico

A combination of rye whiskey, amaro, and vermouth keeps this aperitif cocktail bright, bitter, and bold.

Rye Chai

Topped with amaro whipped cream, this hot tea-based whiskey cocktail goes beyond what a standard barista can serve.

Youthful Expression

Bourbon, amaro, and gin are pulled together by cherry-vanilla bitters in this subtle, sparkling cocktail.

Edinburgh Agreement

The rare whisky cocktail made with Campbeltown scotch, this drink also includes amaro, Strega, and grapefruit.

Ballard Bridge

This bitter and sweet rye-based cocktail includes amaro, vermouth, and amaretto.

Wake Up

Using Irish whiskey and amaro, this eye-opener cocktail balances bitter espresso with acidity.

Big Chief

A variation on the Manhattan, this bourbon and amaro cocktail takes its name from New Orleans tradition.

Midnight Treats

Paired with scotch and rye, amaro extends the length of this cocktail with herbal notes.