Archive: Blended Whisky

Electric Avenue

This cocktail puts a chocolate spin on the classic Boulevardier.

Smokin’ Grass

Lemongrass and scotch make an unlikely but rewarding pair in this large-format cocktail.

Honey Rush

Inspired by its creator’s Venezuelan heritage, this cocktail uses Japanese whisky and rich honey flavors.

Daybreaker Roaster

Enjoy the earthiness of coconut water mixed with blended scotch and cold brew coffee in this energizing cocktail.

Tiki Peat

Try a tropical whisky cocktail with this drink that includes both Islay single malt and blended scotch.


This boozy milkshake combines blended scotch and ice cream with rich caramel sauce.

Southern Scotsman

Combine whisky and ice cream into a sweet, smoky, and satisfying dessert drink.