Archive: Cocktails

Fare Thee Well

A blend of sweet and savory, this cocktail mixes bourbon and fruit flavors.

Seelbach Cocktail

Spicy and bubbly, this whiskey and champagne cocktail is perfect for brunch.

Bywater Spritz

Scotch and gin liqueur combine with wine and ginger beer for mellow brunch cocktail.

Knoxville Smash

Perfect for brunch, this cocktail pairs two Tennessee staples: blueberries and whiskey.

The Rambler

A mix of mint and ginger, plus the addition of beer, make this cocktail a brunch booster.

Friendly Persuasion

Try this light and fruity bourbon drink when you need a hair-of-the-dog brunch cocktail.

Saged Sherry

Take this cocktail, made with smoky whisky, to the next level by serving it in a smoked glass.

Corn Silk Flip

This bourbon-based fall cocktail incorporates corn and sherry for a creamy, sweet sensation.

An Apple A Day

Go back to grandma’s kitchen with this bourbon cocktail that calls to mind fresh apple pie.

The Pandorica Opens

This peat-forward scotch cocktail captures the transition from summer to fall in a single glass.