Archive: Cocktails

Matcha Madness

Rye whiskey and green tea ice cream combine for a creamy, sweet, and spicy cocktail.

Out of a Hat

Create a sweet, earthy white whiskey cocktail by incorporating carrot juice, lemon, orange, and dill.

Strawberry Bourbon Lassi

Combining bourbon, yogurt, and fresh fruit, this is a rich and creamy—yet refreshing—cocktail.

Eastern Sour

This classic and simple tiki recipe uses bourbon or rye instead of rum.

Tropical Itch

This classic tiki recipe has been adapted by Chicago’s Three Dots and a Dash to include both bourbon and overproof rum.

The Shark Eye

New York City bar Mother of Pearl created this rye- and bourbon-based tiki cocktail whose dramatic presentation includes “shark blood.”

Tiki Peat

Try a tropical whisky cocktail with this drink that includes both Islay single malt and blended scotch.

Kentucky Cobbler

This cocktail combines rye whiskey, sherry, and fresh berries for the ultimate summer refreshment.


This Highball variation adds a zing of fresh herbs to bourbon.