Archive: Cocktails

Manzo Derby

A refreshing variation on a familiar rye whiskey cocktail, this drink is summer in a glass.


Try this interpretation on the classic three-ingredient bourbon cocktail, designed to get the appetite going.

Highland Blood & Sand

This cocktail pairs scotch with vermouth, cherry liqueur, and a touch of watermelon juice for a deeply rich drink.

Moving Swiftly

Herbaceous red bell pepper helps balance this sweeter whisky cocktail, which also includes sour cherry, elderflower, and lavender.

Daybreaker Roaster

Enjoy the earthiness of coconut water mixed with blended scotch and cold brew coffee in this energizing cocktail.

Matcha Madness

Rye whiskey and green tea ice cream combine for a creamy, sweet, and spicy cocktail.

Out of a Hat

Create a sweet, earthy white whiskey cocktail by incorporating carrot juice, lemon, orange, and dill.

Strawberry Bourbon Lassi

Combining bourbon, yogurt, and fresh fruit, this is a rich and creamy—yet refreshing—cocktail.