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How to Make a Manhattan

Bartender Clayton Mannix demonstrates the recipe and technique for this classic whiskey cocktail.

Window of the East

This Japanese whisky cocktail incorporates herbal and citrus flavors.

Louisville Slugger

Like its namesake, this large-format cocktail packs a punch, with bourbon, brandy, and liqueur all incorporated.

Pollinated Punch

Designed to serve a crowd, this whisky cocktail can be made with bourbon, rye, or scotch.

Whiskey Smash

This bulk cocktail recipe mixes bourbon, citrus, and mint and serves a crowd.


Bourbon, cherry liqueur, and fresh raspberries combine for a delicious summer cocktail.

Southern Style

Make an herbal twist on the Bourbon Mule using this easy recipe.

JalapeƱo Bizness

This sweet and spicy bourbon cocktail recipe is a sure way to beat the heat.

Rockaway Peach

Peaches, tea, and bourbon make a perfect match in this refreshing summer cocktail recipe.