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Bobby Burns

This three-ingredient scotch cocktail is an homage worthy of the legendary poet.

Root 66

Two American staples—bourbon and root beer—come together in one easy, three-ingredient cocktail.


This bourbon cocktail recipe uses just three ingredients, as well as a dramatic flamed orange twist.

Velvet Undertow

This simple scotch cocktail uses just three ingredients, making for a versatile drink.

How to Make an Old Fashioned

The simplest of whiskey cocktails can also be easy to get wrong. Here’s how to make it perfectly every time.

Whiskey Sour

The classic whiskey cocktail uses just three ingredients: bourbon, sugar, and lemon juice.

Bourbon & Ginger

One of the simplest whiskey cocktails, it can be made with ginger ale or ginger beer.

Mint Julep

Swap agave nectar for sugar in this variation on the classic bourbon cocktail.