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Cognac or brandy is poured into a glass sitting center on a bar, with small shot glasses and other glasses of brown liquid sitting on both sides of it.

Cognac Takes A Cue From Whisky

Inspired by scotch and bourbon, France’s foremost distillers are rethinking maturation, age statements, and blending.

A cocktail garnished with a pear slice and spices, alongside a bundle of cinnamon sticks, pears, and star anise, resembling the Bucky Barnes cocktail rests upon a gray surface.

Bucky Barnes

Luscious persimmons and a bounty of spices pair with bourbon in this punch cocktail that can be served chilled or hot.

A bowl of Galway Cider whisky punch, garnished with apple, jalapeño, and lemon slices, rests on a white surface next to two punch-filled glass cups with a serving spoon.

Galway Cider

Ginger and jalapeño add sweet-and-spicy zing to silky Irish whiskey in this mulled cider that’s delicious whether sipped hot or cold.