Archive: Spring 2016

Kentucky Bourbon Country Travel Guide

Tourism is huge in Bourbon Country as people travel to Kentucky to see bourbon where it’s made…and have some fun while doing it. Our guide to your best bets.

Why Bourbon Prices Have Gotten Higher

Was it bigger profits for distillers? More money for wholesalers and retailers? More spent on advertising? Why your red liquor got so pricey so fast.

Warm Whisky Cocktails

Discover a new side to your whisky cocktail when it’s served at room temperature.

What We Lost in the Whisky Loch

The big glut of Scotch whisky in the early 80s was called the “Whisky Loch.” Here’s why it happened, and how it changed the landscape of scotch.

Rising Sun Behind The Clouds

Japanese whisky is caught between soaring demand and pinched supply. How Japanese distillers are responding to the challenge (and what you’ll see on the shelves).

The State of the Bourbon Union

Is the state of bourbon strong? Is its future secure? What new ideas does bourbon need to move forward? A look at the present and future.