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The New Whiskey Rebellion

By Stephen Beaumont

It’s a steamy Saturday afternoon at the Clinton Street headquarters of Nashville, Tenn.’s Corsair Distillery and the tasting rooms are hopping. In one, drinkers jockey for position at a small bar serving big beers like the 8.4% Applewood Smoked Gratzer or 7.6% Smoked Salt Gose, all crafted in the brewery portion of the ‘brewstillery,’ while in a second, significantly larger room, a much greater crowd has gathered to partake of the distillery side’s wide range of spirits.

Sliding between the group of twenty-somethings beginning their stag party on a high note and a somewhat overly amorous couple apparently bent on enjoying their weekend to the hilt, I arrive at a sliver of bartop and behold the selection of bottles lining the shelves behind.

‘Triple Smoke’ reads one, which I assume—correctly, as it turns out—to be a whiskey made from malt smoked over a trio of different woods, while the next, ‘Quinoa Whiskey,’ gives me greater pause for reflection. Could it really be made from quinoa, I wonder, that supposedly oh-so-healthy grain?

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