The Walking Dead Bourbon Will Make Survival a Little Easier

As far as zombie apocalypse essentials go, a bottle of whiskey may be right up there with your weapon of choice. The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead has staved off walkers for nine seasons now, with a tenth coming later this year, and if fans of the show need a little help dealing with the stress of the undead lurking behind every corner, there appears to be a new Walking Dead-branded bourbon on the way. Producer Diageo has confirmed the pending new release, and we can share some information based on the public label approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Labeled “Spirits of the Apocaplypse,” The Walking Dead whiskey is a Kentucky bourbon proofed to 47% ABV. The back label sets the stage for society’s deterioration as occurs on the show, noting, “There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. Luckily, there are spirits.” The bourbon comes courtesy of Skybound (creator of The Walking Dead comic on which the show is based) and Diageo, which released eight single malt scotches and Johnnie Walker White Walker to coincide with the final season of Game of Thrones. While those whiskies (other than the blended Johnnie Walker White Walker) listed their distilleries, this bourbon does not. Diageo owns the Bulleit Distillery in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and began distilling there in 2017. Although it’s unlikely that any of that distillery’s whiskey is ready for release yet, the possibility can’t be ruled out since this bourbon isn’t labeled as “straight,” which would indicate that it’s under two years old.

Spirits of the Apocalypse is the latest TV-inspired whiskey release, joining the aforementioned Game of Thrones scotches, The Fixer blended whiskey (tying in with Showtime’s Ray Donovan) and a pair of Star Trek-inspired whiskies. In addition to anticipating The Walking Dead’s tenth season this year, and additional seasons of the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, fans can also look forward to a bourbon that appears suited to good times and the end of times alike.

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