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Whiskey Après Ski

By Jeffery Lindenmuth

My lack of Irish ancestry doesn’t preclude me from raising a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve been known to saber the top from a bottle of Champagne despite never having ridden with Napoleon’s light cavalry. So the fact that I have never actually set foot on a pair of skis does not deter me in the least from taking part in the after-ski drinking session that goes by its French moniker, après ski, and nor should it you.

Après ski is such an important part of the ski country lifestyle that it has its own cocktail event: the Après Ski Cocktail Classic in Aspen, celebrating its fifth year this March. Where après ski was once restricted to sipping snifters of neat Cognac or cozying up by the fire with steaming hot drinks, nouveau après ski cocktails include a full spectrum of spirits and flavors, generously piled on and layered like woolen sweaters on a wintry day. This, of course, includes whisky.

These are the most delicious new whisky drinks being served this winter at some top ski destinations. Try mixing a few for your own après ski—or, as I like to call it, après anything.

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