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Friday’s Pick: Bruichladdich Legacy 6

December 7th, 2007

Bruichladdich Legacy 6, 34 year old, 41%, $550
The sixth and last bottling from the Legacy series. Legacy 6 is a marriage of six casks from 1965, 1970, and 1972. Soft and mellow on the nose and palate, with unbelievably restrained oak for such a mature whisky. Delicious notes of coconut, soothing vanilla, caramel custard, and banana cream, peppered with spice notes of cinnamon, mint, and teaberry that emerges on a soft finish that fades out gently. A fitting end to the Legacy series. I’m sad to see them go.
Rating: 94

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2 Responses to “Friday’s Pick: Bruichladdich Legacy 6”

  1. William Meyers says:

    Dear John,

    Could you please post your reviews of the others in the Legacy series to compare.



  2. John Hansell says:

    Bill, if I had them, I would post them. I didn’t get review samples of a few of them. (Importing and PR issues on their end.) The others are posted up on the Buyer’s Guide section of the Malt Advocate webste (http://maltadvocate.com/buyer.asp).

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