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Chicago’s App is ready!

If you have a smartphone and a ticket to WhiskyFest Chicago, you really ought to have it.

Why? Every whisky is listed and searchable. And, you can sort the whiskies by category. Want to see all of the Bourbons, or all of the Japanese whiskies? From the whisky list, use the sort by Category function. And all of the seminars and speakers are in here, too, along with the seminar schedule.

Want to take notes, rate the whiskies for your own records or to share with your friends or the world? You can do that, all from inside the app.

Add Notes

Create private free-form notes that you can email to yourself later. Simply touch Add Notes. (Each whisky has an Add Notes link.) That takes you to a screen where you can write free-form notes. They’re auto-saved when you leave the page, and you can continue to go back and add notes to any whisky throughout the evening. When everything’s over, just tap Email All Notes to send them all to yourself in a neatly formatted email.

Activity Feed

To post a public note about a whisky (or a picture of a tasty item on the buffet, or brag about what just happened in a seminar) on the Activity Feed: iOS users, use the note feature in the upper right corner; Android usersCheck In, then choose Post Update.

At the end of the event, you can see all of the comments that you’ve posted to your activity feed, and you can follow other users to see what they’re saying. If you’d like, there’s an option to automatically re-post your Activity Feed comments — and photos — to Facebook or Twitter; use the hashtag #wfchi to let the world know where you are.

Activity Feed comments are public.

Try them out, and see which method you prefer… it’s your choice!

Download it now! It’s completely free, and there are no in-app purchases or ads. Get familiar with the features and you’ll be ready to navigate when you get to WhiskyFest. It’s live, now, and you can talk with others about what you’re looking forward to! If you have questions, check out the FAQ in the app, which includes a link to contact tech support. Or you can send an email directly to support at

Don’t spend the night with your nose in your phone, of course; spend it with your nose in your glass, talking to your friends, and talking to the whisky celebrities. But when you want to tell the world how great the latest whisky you’ve found is, or find the next whisky, or post your selfie, or check the seminar schedule to try some very exclusive whiskies…we’ve got the app for you. WhiskyFest!


2 Responses to “Chicago’s App is ready!”

  1. Barry Wight says:

    Do you know when the New York 2016 app will be ready?
    Thank you
    Barry Wight

    • WhiskyFest says:

      Barry, we expect the app for WhiskyFest™ New York to be ready two weeks prior to the event, so that would be October 18.

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