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Dads Love Whisky!

Dad2Here’s a friendly reminder for you: Father’s Day is coming up quickly, on June 15th.

You know what Dad likes? Whisky! But do you get him his favorite? Or something new? Or something rare? Or something completely different? Decisions are so difficult!

Why not get him over 350 bottles of it by getting him a ticket to WhiskyFest New York or San Francisco! You can still save $25 on his ticket (and yours, too; you’re going along, right?) if you buy now; early-bird pricing is good through the end of June. (That’s true even if you’re just buying tickets for yourself, of course…)

Imagine the scene. You, Dad, The Envelope: “Wow, WhiskyFest tickets? Thanks, kiddo!”

Who’s the best kid, who’s Dad’s favorite? YOU ARE! Thanks to WhiskyFest!

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