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Download the New and Improved WhiskyFest App!

If you have a smartphone and a ticket to WhiskyFest™ Chicago, don’t forget to download the new WhiskyFest app.

Every whisky is listed and searchable; you can even sort by category. Want to see just the Bourbons or the Japanese whiskies? From the whisky list, use the Search bar and type in what you would like to view. You will also be able to find the seminar schedule and information about the speakers we have lined up. In addition, you will find a detailed ballroom map so you can plan your adventure. Need more incentive? During the event, show us the app on your phone and receive $5 off any WhiskyFest apparel.

Want to take notes, rate the whiskies for your own records or to share with your friends or the world? You can do that, all from inside the app.

Add Notes
Create private free-form notes for later reference. In IOS, from any product, simply touch the three dots at the top of the screen and tap on Add Note. (Each whisky will have this Add Notes link.) That takes you to a screen where you can write free-form notes and tap the check mark at the top of the page to save when you are finished. For Android users, tap the + sign at the bottom of a product’s screen and then tap Add Notes. Tap the check mark at the top of the screen when you are finished. You can continue to go back and add notes to any whisky throughout the evening. At the end of the event, export your Notes and send them to yourself or others in an email or text message; or post on Facebook or Twitter.

Activity Stream
Posting a public note about a whisky (or a selfie with Jimmy Russell, or brag about what just happened in a seminar) on the Activity Stream couldn’t be easier. Simply type in the What’s on Your Mind box at the bottom of the stream and post. You also have the option to sync up with Twitter or Linked In if you choose.

Download it now! It’s completely free, and there are no in-app purchases or ads. It’s a robust planning tool to helps you make the most of your WhiskyFest experience, and have fun while doing it.


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