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If you want craft whiskey, WhiskyFest New York has it

Whisky is hot stuff right now, growing like crazy and piquing everyone’s interest. You know WhiskyFest is the place to try the latest single malts and bourbons, the Asian whiskies that are getting all the buzz — have you had Kavalan yet? — and yes, we’re finally seeing some of the high-end Canadians that usually don’t make it to the U.S.

But the hottest category, the one where anything goes and distillers are grabbing every grain out there to make whiskey out of it, is American craft whiskey. It’s crazy like craft brewing, and often features the same people or the same ideas: hopped whiskeys, whiskeys distilled from dark malts, pumpkin spiced whiskey. It’s where a lot of the innovation in whiskey is taking place right now…and WhiskyFest New York is the place to try the new American craft whiskeys, poured by the producers, without having to hunt for them.

Who’s going to be in New York for WhiskyFest? Few Spirits (with their Rye and barrel-aged gin), Anchor, High West, Hillrock Estate (try the Solera), Dry Fly, Hudson (of course), A. Smith Bowman, Defiant, Long Island Spirits, Koval (single-grain whiskeys), Widow Jane, Smooth Ambler, Redemption…and there’s more, too. You could spend the whole night just sampling craft bottlings if you wanted to, there are that many.

Get a taste of what’s coming up: craft whiskeys, at WhiskyFest New York!

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