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Oysters and Irish: Chicago seminars wrapped up

You say 'oyster,' I say 'whisky!'

You say ‘oyster,’
I say ‘whisky!’

“Discover the Original Irish Whiskey” is the title of Midleton’s seminar about single pot still whiskey, “the quintessential style of Irish Whiskey.” Their master of maturation, Kevin O’Gorman, will lead you through a Redbreast tour de force, including Redbreast 12, 15 and the newly launched Redbreast 21 year old.

Bowmore encourages you to “Sea the Difference” by tasting shellfish and whisky together. The “gentle men of Bowmore,” master of malts Iain McCallum and Johnnie Mundell (“master of naught”) partner with the Pearl Tavern to bring you “the Bowmore Oyster Luge.” Fun, oysters, and some newly release Bowmores.

And that wraps up the seminar list for Chicago (see them all here). Coming soon: new whiskies and new exhibitors you’ll see there!

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