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WhiskyFest Chicago Sells Out in Mere Hours!

WhiskyFest Chicago is sold out.

Tickets went on sale yesterday, November 25, and people hit the Whisky Advocate website in unprecedented numbers (we set a site record for page visits and unique visitors in one day). VIP tickets sold out before noon, and by 4:00, every ticket for the April 25th event was sold. This event continues to be the quickest selling of the three; if you want tickets to WhiskyFest Chicago 2015, best be ready to jump next year.

Watch for more updates on the events. We’ll see you in April!

8 Responses to “WhiskyFest Chicago Sells Out in Mere Hours!”

  1. Duane Hubeler says:

    Hopefully, next year, you will have the foresight to limit individual ticket sales to something like 4 or 8 per person. 24 is absolutely ridiculous! All you are doing is allowing ticket brokers to buy huge lots, put them on Stub Hub or some similar site, and make $$$ profits on our misery! We are your customers, not the brokers with their automated programs.

    • Lew Bryson says:


      It was a crazy day yesterday, but as the dust has settled, we’ve had a chance to look at how the tickets sold. It turns out there were very few big orders. All but a small handful of orders were for 12 or fewer tickets; the majority were for 2 or 4. That’s why there was so much traffic on the website; there were a LOT of people ordering tickets. When an event gets this popular, these things inevitably happen. It’s unfortunate, but the room’s only so big.

  2. Matt Hoose says:

    I was fortunate to secure tickets for this event. Has there been any thought given to adding dates for Chicago, given the great response? Possibly a Friday and a Saturday event.

  3. Steven Stone says:

    I have been coming for many years w/ 3 folks
    This year I was on WEB the day tickets were released, and they were already sold out – so I am locked out.
    Please add a 2nd day for next year and/or limit sales to 2 tickets a transaction; honor your loyal patrons.

    • Lew Bryson says:

      Steven (and everyone who wasn’t able to get tickets), we were also somewhat surprised by how fast Chicago’s event sold out; last year’s took several days. Adding a second day to the event involves a broad set of conflicting demands from all the parties involved, so it’s not likely to happen. Lower limits on tickets per transaction are a possibility, but that’s a balancing act as well; even your group would be affected by a 2-ticket limit.

      WhiskyFest has become a hot event. That’s good, but it also means that not everyone who wants a ticket can get one. We hope you’ll give us another try next year; we’ll have a more robust website so no one will encounter a non-functioning page. Thanks for your note.

  4. Locked out too says:

    How about a bigger venue?

    • Lew Bryson says:

      Thanks for your interest in improving and expanding WhiskyFest Chicago! As we’ve said, the rate at which the Chicago event sold out caught us off-guard too. There’s nothing we can do about expanding this year’s event, of course, but we started talking about possible options for 2015 the very next day. We’re still exploring those options, and if anything comes out of that, we’ll announce it here. Keep watching, and thanks again: we do hear you.

  5. Eric Brown says:

    How about a retailer only Whiskey Fest so we can have a professional experience without all the Pappy Fanboys and power drinkers? Please!

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