2017 Parker's Heritage Collection Bourbon & More New Whiskey

Dumping barrels of whiskey at Heaven Hill Distillery

2017 Parker's Heritage Collection Bourbon & More New Whiskey

July 21, 2017 –––––– Susannah Skiver Barton, , , ,

Get ready for great whiskey: Heaven Hill has announced this year's Parker's Heritage Collection bottling, which will be coming out in September. Plus,there's a new craft rye from Texas' Ben Milam Whiskey, as well as a corn whiskey from Seattle's 2bar Spirits. And although it's not a whisky, Pulteney Distillery in Scotland is rolling out a liqueur that uses its Old Pulteney single malt as a base.

2017 Parker's Heritage Collection

Style: Bourbon

Origin: Kentucky

Age: 11 years old

Proof: 61% ABV

Price: $130

Release: September 2017

Availability: Very limited

Need to know:

The Parker's Heritage Collection honors Parker Beam, the longtime master distiller at Heaven Hill who passed away earlier this year from ALS. This is the eleventh release in the series, and like past bottlings, a portion of sales will be donated to ALS research through the Parker Beam Promise of Hope fund.

Whisky Advocate says:

Parker Beam loved Evan Williams 1783, and we're told this 11 year old special release takes all the flavors of that bourbon and amps them up. The whiskey will be hitting store shelves in September; expect it to sell out fast.

Ben Milam Rye

Style: Rye

Origin: Texas

Age: Not stated

Proof: 40% ABV

Price: $45

Release: July 2017

Availability: Texas only

Need to know:

This is a rye whiskey from Ben Milam Spirits, a craft distillery in Blanco, Texas. The distillery also has a bourbon.

Whisky Advocate says:

Ben Milam only sells its whiskeys in the state of Texas for now. The distillery makes both the bourbon and the rye itself.

2bar Corn Whiskey

Style: Corn whiskey

Origin: Washington

Age: 3 years old

Proof: 50% ABV

Price: $32 (375-ml.)

Release: July 2017

Availability: Distillery only and at 2bar's online store

Need to know:

This is a single barrel release of corn whiskey (mash bill: 80% corn, 20% malted barley) that 2bar Distillery aged in its own used bourbon barrels. Note that the price is for a half-size bottle.

Whisky Advocate says:

2bar provided a lot of information about this whiskey: It was distilled to 77.5% ABV, barreled at 55% ABV, and bottled at 65% ABV. If you're wondering how the whiskey's proof rosewhile it was in the barrel, there's a simple explanation. The angels' share—the amount of liquid lost to evaporation during barrel aging—includes both ethanol and water. But these two liquids can evaporate at different rates, depending on the climate conditions. Sometimes that means the whiskey's proof goes down while aging. In this case, the opposite occurred. 2bar's warehouse space is very humid and experiences temperature swings from the 70s in winter to the high 90s in summer.


Style: Whisky-based liqueur

Origin: Pulteney Distillery, Scotland

Age: Not stated

Proof: 35% ABV

Price: $35

Release: July 2017

Availability: 9 states (CA, CO, IL, MD, MA, NV, NY, SC, TX), plus Washington, D.C., with more to come

Need to know:

This isn't a whisky, but it does use Old Pulteney single malt as its base. It's lower-proof than whisky—35% ABV—and has fruit flavors.

Whisky Advocate says:

Some whisky drinkers will never touch a liqueur—even one like this made with real whisky, a change from many so-called "flavored whiskies" that use mainly neutral spirit. But every so often, you might find yourself hankering for a different kind of dram. Pulteney Distillery's oily, rich single malt should stand up well as the foundation for this sweet pour. Try it in a cocktail using a 1:1 ratio of Old Pulteney 12 year old and Stroma with a couple dashes of orange bitters.