Amrut Norfolk Wine & Spirits Single Cask Single Malt (Cask #662), 60%

Price: $230 Issue: Fall 2019 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Expressive and aromatic on the nose, with mingling aromas of spiced smoke—like burning
sage—dried herbs, sandalwood, rose petal, and citrus oil. Its high proof equals big flavor on the
palate: a rush of guava, pineapple, and kiwi dusted with cinnamon, then almond, pipe tobacco,
and mocha. Adding water brings out more savory notes that meld seamlessly with the spice, nuts,
and rich dark chocolate. The lush finish swirls with chocolate, raisins, bitter almonds, and
tropical fruit. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was sherry cask-finished, but it's actually from
a single bourbon barrel. (120 bottles; Norfolk Wine & Spirits exclusive)