Ardmore 25 year old, 51.4%

Price: $195 Issue: Fall 2010 Reviewer: Dominic Roskrow

Ardmore is a rising star in the world of single malt. Until four years ago it was little known in its own right, its main purpose being as a key malt in Teacher's. Then Ardmore Traditional was released, and it's been winning over drinkers ever since. That malt is a delicatessen whisky: smoky, oily, and savory, a unique Highland malt with much to recommend it. This is a different proposition altogether. It's clean and sweet, with pineapple candy, dusty and almost incense-like spices, and a liberal dose of sweet peat. Some citrus notes, too. The peat holds out until the end with impressive effect. There's talk of this becoming a permanent part of the Ardmore portfolio. Let's hope so: it's further proof that Ardmore is a very interesting distillery indeed. (Travel Retail and selected specialist whisky shops.)