Auchentoshan 41 year old 1962 Vintage, 40.3%

Price: $2,000 Issue: Winter 2004 Reviewer: John Hansell

This whisky comes from two bourbon casks, producing only 112 bottles. I believe it's the most expensive Lowland whisky on the market. Unfortunately, its flavor doesn't stand up to its price. While I applaud Morrison Bowmore's efforts to give us the opportunity to try such a mature expression of Auchentoshan, I feel that the whisky is past its prime. I wouldn't describe it as overly woody, like I have other whiskies that are 41 years old. Rather, I would describe it as overly funky. The whisky's aroma and flavor are very peculiar, with plenty of vegetal notes (cucumbers especially) combined with stewed fruit, golden raisins, rose petals, and spice (anise, clove). If it were $100 a bottle, I would suggest that you gather a few friends to chip in and buy a bottle, just for the experience. But at $2,000, I think we should leave this one for the collectors.