Barrell Private Release Sicilian Amaro Cask-Finished Kentucky Whiskey (Batch No. AH05), 61.15%

Price: $109 Issue: Fall 2020 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

The unusual cask finish lends a minty herbal note throughout, from the nose—whichis honeyed and sweet, also showcasing milk chocolate, peanuts, candy apple, maplesyrup, and a whiff of licorice—to the palate and finish. Overall, this serves as a greatexample of the importance of texture in whiskey; the mouthfeel is oleaginous andalmost fatty, gliding over the palate and shedding flavors of chocolate-covered cherry,white pepper, gingerbread, and roasted walnuts. The finish is zingy with ginger, whitepepper, and tingling peppermint, buttressed by bittersweet mocha, cherry, and darkgrapes.