Barrell Private Release St. Agrestis Brooklyn Amaro Cask-Finished Kentucky Whiskey (Blend No. CH24), 56.95%

Price: $110 Issue: Winter 2020 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

The reticent nose reveals little at first, but eventually a few aromas emerge: vanilla, licorice tea, furniture polish, and a slightly tart note, like gooseberry or kumquat. That's borne out with the palate's tart and citric character, showcasing plum, pear, lemon, gooseberry, and kumquat, with an herbal tinge, toasted oak, and a hint of almond. The finish is mouthwatering—almost mouth-puckering—and continues the tart fruit theme. This is an odd but intriguing whiskey, showing great consistency and novelty.