Blackadder Single Cask #30013 (distilled at Linlithgow) 1975 Vintage, 28 year old, 45% ABV

Price: $135.00 Issue: Summer 2004 Reviewer: John Hansell

Also known as St. Magdalene, this Lowland distillery which closed down for good in 1983 is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. And when one does become available, it will be pushing 20 years old or older, like this one. When young, Linlithgow often exhibits a freshness and drinkability, with a gentle maltiness and often hay or grassy notes for complexity. How does this older one fare? Quite well, actually. I was concerned that this whisky would have too much oak influence, given how old it is and how delicate the whisky can be. While those years in a hogshead add some dry spicy notes, they are never excessive. Instead, they add a complexity that blends in nicely with notes of creamy malt, vanilla, lemon gum drops, grass and hay. I am particularly impressed by the evolution of flavors on the palate and the length and depth of its dry, spicy finish. Certainly one of the best Linlithgows to come onto the market.