Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 12 year old bourbon from floor #9, 45%

Price: $47 Issue: Fall 2014 Reviewer: John Hansell

Each of these three bourbons was distilled and bottled at the same time, and aged in the same warehouse for 12 years and 3 months. The main variable was the floor they were aged on. In theory, the higher up in the warehouse, the greater the temperature variation, and the more wood influence. Does the experiment support this general concept? Yes, with the sweet spot being the middle floor.

A much deeper, bolder, spicier, drier, and (at times) harsher bourbon when compared to the other two in this experiment, aged on the first and fifth floor. The wood influence (notes of barrel char, leather, and tannin) from the barrel dominate the pleasing sweet and fruit notes found in the other two. This is for those who like their bourbon with plenty of oak influence. Best served after a large, rich meal. Price is per 375 ml.