Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 'Double Barreled,' 1993 Vintage, 45%

Price: $47.00 Issue: Spring 2010 Reviewer: John Hansell

A big bourbon in many respects, but this is one whiskey where I would have happily settled for a “Single Barreled.” I tasted this whiskey straight from the barrel right before it was bottled and it was more aggressive; I think the lower strength and chill-filtering has helped to tame this beast. To be honest, there are some good qualities to this whiskey. The nose is wonderful! Even the palate starts out fine, with chewy toffee, molasses, dark fruit, raisins, and dates. But it is quickly consumed by intensely dry oak spice, gripping resin, and leather, which clings to my tongue and won’t let go. In this instance, last impressions are lasting impressions. Price is per 375 ml.