Cotswolds 2014 Odyssey Barley, 46%

Price: $55 Issue: Spring 2018 Reviewer: Jonny McCormick

It's quite a tick list for their first single malt: 100% locally grown floor-malted barley, long fermentations, unusual yeast strains, innovative distillation cuts, and bourbon and shave-toast-rechar red wine casks. Honey, sugar-sprinkled shortbread, peach tarts, marzipan fruits, glacé apricot, finely shredded citrus peel, and young pink rhubarb. Flavors of heather honey, chili flakes, Christmas spices, caramelized sugar, malt; then marmalade, dried red fruits, and cappuccino. A great all-rounder. More please! (960 bottles)