Duncan Taylor (distilled at Glenlivet) 1968 Vintage 35 year old, 43.1%

Price: $155 Issue: Fall 2004 Reviewer: John Hansell

Younger bottlings of Glenlivet are often quite elegant and subtle. But such finesse isn't always evident in older expressions, which often become dominated by sherry and oak. This one, at 35 years of age, demonstrates plenty of elegance and finesse. What impresses me most about this whisky is that you wouldn't know it was 35 year old just by taste. It isn't the least bit tired on the palate, and it is very clean, without the excessive woodiness often found in whiskies of this age. Plus, the balance of flavors is impeccable-vanilla, honeyed malt, peaches, pineapple, heather, and just a touch of oak. A very polished, refined whisky.