Eades “Double Malt” Highland (Second Edition), 46%

Price: $70.00 Issue: Fall 2010 Reviewer: John Hansell

Consists of two whiskies: half 10 year old Clynelish (finished in Chateau Lafite casks) and half 10 year old Ben Nevis (finished in Grenache Blanc casks). The classic chewy, nutty toffee notes of Ben Nevis are prominent throughout, while Clynelish's spicy, briny notes become more prominent mid-palate, peaking on the finish. The two work well together, with the brine and spice cutting through the thick toffee. Bright, berried fruit (from the finishing) adds an additional dimension prominently throughout. Some oak resin kicks in on the finish to keep the whisky from becoming too sappy sweet.